[SP141] – music as a message

According to Aristotle, music has the ability to reconcile a broken heart, have recreational therapy, and foster a spirit of patriotism. Music can be a medium for expressing yourself, pouring imagination, telling something, and so on.
The function of music in the beginning was as an entertainment medium, while other functions were as an expression of emotion, communication, symbolism, trade promotion, and also culture and much more.

Conveying messages to others, both criticism, innuendo, and support, one of which can be voiced through music. When there is no more opportunity to speak, music voices it.

Music proved to be an effective communication medium. Media communication is a tool or means used to convey messages from communicators to the public.

Each person certainly has a certain perception of others when he delivers a message. If you have a bad opinion on someone, then you will not listen seriously to what he said.

This kind of thing also often happens when associated with the appearance of the person who gave the message, such as how to dress and how to speak.

A number of literatures mention that effective message characteristics include providing practical information, providing facts rather than impressions, clarifying and abbreviating information, expressing responsibilities clearly, persuading and providing recommendations.

Amazingly, all of this can be wrapped in a package called Music.

You have to remember, the most important thing is the content of the message delivered, not the message giver. We must understand the point of view of the giver of the message and the reason for conveying it.

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