[SP138] – love and choose affection

Love is a feeling that arises in the heart, a psychological process that involves personal emotions, is personal and does not involve other people. The words are personal feelings and emotions. Whereas romance is social interaction between two people who are attracted to each other. Both when still approaching or when they have become lovers. The key word is social interaction. There is no interaction, it cannot be called romance. If you see a woman from afar while fantasizing to have, it is not a romance, let alone love.
It may be true that love does not have to be in a romantic relationship.

So What Is Love? You really like racing motorbikes and dream of buying them someday. So you start saving, even often late at night to get more income. After saving for a long time, you can finally buy a racing motorbike that you dream of.

Imagine your feeling when riding a motorcycle back home, happy not playing! You take care of the motorbike very well, wash it carefully, routinely go to the workshop, don’t allow anyone to drive it, and are very emotional if the motorbike is scratched or hit something. You love your motorcycle.

One thing to realize, you can’t love your motorcycle in such a way if you don’t have it. You love the bike because you have invested so much, time, energy and money. All these investments can only be done after you buy the motorbike. You can’t love and take care of a motorbike that is still in the showroom if you can only see through the storefront and fantasize about owning the bike, it’s not love.

Try replacing this motorbike racing scenario with women. The principle is the same. The greater your investment in something, the more you love it. Maybe you protest, “How come people are equated with motorcycles?” Whether it’s people, motorbikes, or whatever, the psychological process that occurs is the same. You crave to eat Magnum ice cream or you are desperate to date a woman, the process that occurs in your brain is the same! Desire is desire, whatever the object. Likewise with love.

Love Is a Result, Not a Cause. You love a woman who has become your lover, not because you love her and make her your lover. In the approach phase, the process that occurs is only physical attraction and social interaction. There is absolutely no element of love in it, because he is not yet yours. When you and he already have each other in a serious relationship, there will be a lot of investment that you give to the relationship. Invest time, energy, feelings, emotions, and money.

The phrase ‘love does not have to have’ is a mere consolation for people who hope and can only hope to have. Not that love is a must have, but love is there because it has.

Maybe you ask, “Then what about those who break up? Are there still love between them?” Yes, still. Because they have owned each other. At least, when you break up, you still have memories of love. In fact, people who experience a breakup actually love those memories, not the ex.

It is important for you to realize that you can only love something that you already have. In the context of romance, clearly the point is you and he have become lovers and relationships. You don’t need to waste too much investment in time, energy, emotions, and money for a woman who is still in a big status.

No need to say love to women who are still crushed and have not become your lover. Because it will weigh heavily on you and him. Please talk about love if you are already born. If the relationship is like a tree, then the man is the sun that shines and the woman is water that is watering, and love is the sweet fruit produced by the tree.

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