[SP137] – Donut shaped earth

What do you think about the earth. Yes, some of you think that the earth is flat, and not a few of you think that the earth is round. But that is up to you, because even if you think that the earth is a plot, still you are only limited to humans who live on earth and have the principle of special thinking.
Live by enjoying the existing idolatry, it’s just that we need to find luxury according to what we want, business is your duty, and what you will get is a gift from the Almighty, but rest assured that what you are looking for will surely You get what you expect.

But I will not talk about business.

But you know, that there is an opinion that says the earth is in the form of a donut. Hmmm, maybe I who still lay must think twice as long as that theory, haha. And certainly, according to whatever form you think it is your mind.

Round or flat earth debates have been discussed extensively abroad or even in our own country, those who believe that the earth is flat are those who join the flat earth community. But that is still common in our thinking, but not long ago it emerged that the earth was in the form of a donut.

This was stated by one of the people named Varuag in the flat Earth forum, he said that the planet was shaped like a donut. And not only limited to conversation, he has prepared a number of theories that support his words about the flat earth. “I have a theory that states that the earth actually has a torus (donut-like shape)”.

It turned out that a number of experts also offered that new theories about space objects they called synestia. The planet’s body has a hard impact on the body of another object, then because this problem produces a donut-like shape by having a hole in the middle of the earth.

Which, but this form will not last more than 100 years, because it will again turn round as many theories suggest that the earth is round. At first glance this looks like a false theory, because if there is a hole in the middle, of course the hole will be visible, but why has it never been seen?

At first glance this question has been answered by the experts. Quoted from vice, a person named Varuag gave the reason “The curved light follows the shape of the donut so that the hole in the middle cannot be seen”. But this theory also raises many controversies. If the earth is shaped like a donut, then how does gravity exist?

It turns out that Varuag also has a simple answer, “Imagine a donut, donuts stroked, gravity is like jam on a donut that sticks”. Yes, that’s the glimpse of the answer from Varuag. But do you believe that the earth is like a donut?

But the Assistant Presentation named Tyler Ellis explained that Varaug failed to form a consistent term from the hypothesis. In fact, hypotheses are an important part of the scientific research process. Many questions that cannot be explained using this earth donut theory. According to Boyajian, this donut earth will not be able to have day and night as a round earth that we believe has a 24-hour rotation time.

He also continued, if it is true that the earth is in the form of a donut, the sun’s rays on the earth will be more uneven than what is happening today. Consequently, the seasons in this world will vary greatly, the wind will be very strong, and the extreme weather will make Earth’s life so difficult.

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