[SP134] – about art, the beauty of ghosts in the frame

Cubist collage attacks the hope that every painting must look real like something in the world. This is about the art story of the 20th century which is told as a series of acts of vandalism. Maybe some of you already know what vandalism is, but this time I want to explain it to some people who don’t understand what vandalism is. According to the Indonesian dictionary, vandalism is a destructive and destructive act of sei and other valuables such as the beauty of nature, or gross destruction and ignorance. wikipedia

If you believe, “an image is the amount of destruction” said Picasso. While abstract painters criticize cubism. If so, maybe when we see a hero today on the wall of the museum, it is as if we are seeing a picture destruction by some people, but is this problem true?

Maybe at a glance it looks right, because what is scattered there is ink that is initially irregular, splattered paint that is poured is not as beautiful as the rhythm of the song, there are a number of colors mixed such as the absence of the concept of making, even some hands thrust on paper that used to be pure white a mixture that is not so real.

Like the ghost trail in a golden frame, it is obviously very implausible, but that is how artists are. There are some things that are not seen in the real world and can be depicted in the world of art, is that what is called greatness in creating a pattern that used to appear to be absent, so that it appears like a shadow that is displayed for a long time?

Forget the not so obvious, if today artisan is an entertainer that is difficult to get, maybe you should keep every painting as a beauty to entertain the eyes. Unreasonable shadows, streaks that used to be just ordinary ink, can then turn into clear images that look like perfect, even though some have the opinion that the painting is just destruction.

Maybe you have heard of the bansky name, yes he is one of the painters who is proficient in his world. In his Instagram account, he wrote “A few years ago, I secretly made a paper shredder in a painting, if this (painting) was auctioned off,” he was often called a mysterious street rogue artist. Maybe this is why the painting is a destroyer, but For those of us who are lovers of paintings, we are not a problem, here are some paintings belonging to Bansky.

One of Banksy’s “mischievous” acts was carried out in 2004. At that time, he made a manipulation of the £ 10 bill. Banksy replaces the image of Queen Elizabeth’s head with Princess Diana’s head. Not only that, he also changed the writing of the Bank of England to Banksy of England.

Draw The Raised Bridge, This work was made at Hull City Center, England. Contains a picture of a boy holding a sword with a pencil tip. The boy appeared wearing a helmet in the form of a basket and seemed to be shouting something. Next to the picture of the boy, there is the word “Draw the Raised Bridge”. Some people suspect, Banksy made the mural as a criticism of the British policy of leaving the European Union or better known as Brexit (British Exit).

Brexit Murals, Britain’s policy of leaving the European Union seems to be a serious concern for Banksy. In addition to the mural titled “Draw the Raised Bridge”, he also made a mural allegedly criticizing Brexit. A mural made on a wall of the building displays a picture of 12 yellow stars in a blue background. However, Banksy added a picture of a sculptor eroding one of the stars.

Rats Run in Hours, This work was made by Banksy on West 14th Street and Sixth Avenue, New York. The public also reads this work as a criticism of the people who are under the umbrella of capitalism.

Exclamation to Release Zehra Dogan, This mural painted in one corner of New York City has a calculation scheme with sticks. The number of sticks drawn was 273 sticks. In one of his columns, Banksy painted a portrait of Zehra Dogan. A painter who was sentenced to prison for almost 3 years for painting the atmosphere of the destruction of the Nusaybin region in Mardin Province, Turkey. Suspiciously, Banksy made this work to protest the arrest of the painter.

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