[SP126] – Dimensions of freedom according to the rules

Life’s dilemma with freedom. Sometimes everything we do requires freedom, yes, this problem depends on the supervision given, depending on escort, and it will even be very difficult to break through this situation. Maybe it would be the same as the law, you should not arbitrarily change the situation, because the real life has been arranged according to the game.

Because of course we all believe that the accumulation of life we ​​take today is only a memory that we are gathering, and finally it will form a conclusion about the story of life for humans after you. Why is that? Because basically that is life. It is very true that we are someone who is gathering, and finally has to give up.

Maybe because of that, we must really appreciate the meaning of freedom, because to determine the path of life is not an easy matter that you are studying. And if today you are still dependent on a number of circumstances that are unable to move your life, maybe you are just someone who is afraid to find the meaning of freedom.

When talking about freedom, it all has different criteria, right. Even the freedom of children who are heading for adulthood is not very good for some parents. There are things he fears, there are also things he must be aware of, because real freedom is not free to follow the natural path. But perfect freedom is how you can conquer the conditions that nature provides.

If you are free to follow the natural path, maybe you will be influenced by your environment. And that really isn’t a good conclusion to find the meaning of freedom. Because if you talk about environmental conditions, friendship is the main thing. Maybe it’s a lucky thing if you find some friends who want to change for good, but if it’s the opposite, it’s really useless. Because not all of your friends will step on the successful path to find victory.

But if you use freedom to conquer nature, I think that is a positive thought that you are trying to apply. Because you must have a choice, and you must be completely free to choose anything. The reality of life will show all the games, and you will also really compete with the situation, so take advantage of all the behavior of nature, conquer all deadlocks, and convince yourself that you are the owner of all light.


However, do you know what will happen when someone is free to do everything he wants?

Erich Fromm, as a humanistic figure of psychoanalysis, put forward a dilemma of the freedom experienced by humans. According to his theory, when someone is ‘free’ to do something he wants, what will happen is that he will experience alienation from his world, thus losing the meaning of his life.

Rules and obligations to do things are not only a limitation on freedom, but also give meaning to life.
Simply put, when you play monopoly, for example, and you have too much money that you are free to build houses and hotels anywhere, don’t even run out of paying rent in your opponent’s country, or freely pay fines for ‘opportunity’ cards or ‘general funds’.

Usually, people who are in this condition are the first to feel bored and want to finish the game immediately. Similarly, when you have successfully completed your studies, reached the top of your career, and fostered a family that is well off (maybe even excessive), it is almost certain that you will experience midlife crisis, a condition when someone loses the purpose and meaning of his life. Freedom turns out to make someone “alienated” from his world, loses purpose, and ultimately loses the meaning of life.

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