[SP125] – The most important mother and bodyguard

A mother’s help is an encouragement in life. It is true, that mother is one of the best human beings we know. But do you know that sometimes mom forgets to stop you from a small mistake? Yes, this problem occurs in several associations that are freed by a mother. Maybe because of small things and eventually become a very big problem.

When you take your brother’s sponge cake, the mother sees it, but he is reluctant to reprimand him, even though that day you have done a petty theft with the theme “just learning”, but where is the mother on that day. He just let you for it because he thought that it was just an ordinary matter.

Then you get used to reaching the neighbor’s property, sometimes the neighbor’s toy car takes him home and your mother doesn’t reprimand him. That day you have found a new style that is out of your home garden zone and enjoying the world of the neighboring environment.

That is the same as a story of a murderer who will be sentenced to death by the owner of the sentence for his mistake. He constantly regretted that, until finally he sent to his mother a piece of paper containing writing to vent regret. But unfortunately, this is only a memory after he died.

A prisoner in death sentence was asked to submit his final request, before being strapped to an electric chair he asked for a pen and a piece of paper then wrote:

‘’ My dear mother, If the law is fair, right now you are here, sitting next to me waiting to be strummed in this electric chair. But because the Law was blind, I was found guilty of the crimes we committed together. Mother, don’t you remember when your child was 3 years old, I stole the candy brother? Mother doesn’t fix me. Mother didn’t say that I was wrong and what I did was not good. I also remember well when I was 5 years old, that day I stole a neighbor’s toy and hid it at home.

But you say; ‘The toy is not at home ‘. Mother … when I was 12 years old, I hid my cousin’s ball in trouble when he came to play at home, but my mother said; ‘’Mother did see it before the ball disappeared.’ Do you remember the day I was expelled from school when I was 15 years old? Daddy wanted to punish me, but my mother refused and on that day my mother had a big fight with my father just because I wanted to defend me, Mother said I was young, my mother also said that the teacher had wrongly said that I was not in class.

Mother defends me, mom says it’s not time for me to know that I’m wrong. Mother said I was right. even though my mother knew I was wrong. Mother also remembers well, my mother saw me steal a neighbor’s bicycle when I was 17, but my mother did not report that I had sold it, she just kept quiet. Mother really loves me so much, mom loves me, but mom doesn’t fix me, and even spoils me. That’s how it all started and finished slowly until today when I will be strummed for robbery and murder.

I’m still very young, I just need your protection, and when you read this, I’m dead. Greetings, your dear child.

Sometimes love is not always sweet fruit, the right thing is still the right thing, but mistakes need to be reprimanded even though it is a story of struggle. Small things can be big if you always ignore them. Even that will cause death that ends up not good.

Love the person you love well and right, because something you love should not be touched by an external burden that ultimately causes regret.

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