[SP84] – Alone when you don’t need it, social is a long-term need

Humans, at one and the same time, are a loner and social being. As a loner, he will try to protect his existence, and the most important thing for him is to satisfy his personal desires, and to develop his talents.

As a social being, he will also strive to gain recognition and be loved by fellow human beings, to share happiness, to make them comfortable in times of sadness, and to improve living standards.

It’s just that the existence of these things is very dependent, sometimes contradictory, depending on the human personal character and the special combination determines the extent to which a person can achieve personal balance and can contribute to people’s lives.

It is very possible that these two forces, especially combined because they are attached to them. However, the personality that ultimately arises is largely formed by the influence of the environment in which the human being experiences it himself during the process of its development, by the structure of the society in which he grew up, by the culture of the community, and by the appreciation he gained for his particular behavior.

The abstract conception of “society” for individual human beings is the entire direct or indirect relationship of people living in the same period or in the past. Certain individuals can think, feel, fight and work for themselves, but they actually depend also on society – both physically, intellectually and emotionally, so it is impossible to think about it or understand it outside the framework of society.

It is a society that provides people with food, clothing, home, tools, language, mindset and almost all the contents of their thoughts, their lives become evident after working and succeeding millions of years ago and until now where all these things are hidden behind a word ” community “.

That is proof, therefore, a person’s dependence on society is a natural fact that cannot be eliminated, just as in the case of ants and beetles. However, when the whole process of life of ants and beetles has been established to the smallest rigid details, the patterns of society and the relationships with one another from humanity are very diverse and very likely to change.

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Humans from birth have offspring, a biological structure which we must view as inherent and irrevocable rights, including natural needs as human beings in general.

In addition, during his life, he had a cultural structure which he obtained from society through communication and through influences in other forms. This cultural structure, along with the passage of time, can change and is largely determined by the relationship between a person and his community.

When we ask ourselves how the structure of society and the behavior of human culture should be changed to make human life more satisfying, we must always be aware that there are certain conditions that we cannot change. Human nature is for practical purposes, it cannot be changed.

I have now reached a point where I can clearly indicate to me what is the essence of the current crisis. This relates to the relationship between individuals and society. Individuals become more aware than before they will depend on society. But he does not realize that this dependence is a valuable asset, an organic bond, a protective force, but more likely as a threat to his natural things, or even to his economic condition.

Furthermore, its position in society is constantly emphasized in its form which is more determined by its selfish nature, rather than determined by its social path, which naturally is weaker, which continues to experience decay. All human beings, whatever their position in society, experience suffering in the process of decay.

Unwittingly they are imprisoned in their own selfishness, feelings of fear, loneliness and naively afraid of losing, simple and uncomplicated to live life. Menusia can find meaning in life, short and risky as it deserves, only through his dedication in society.

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