[SP62] – Computer slaves and body health

What makes your days different and becomes more colorful, perhaps many twists and turns of life can enhance the direction of the game of every soul passing through. It may be that you will be happy with an art word, or even you will look happy with violence that applies to your environment, yes this will only be seen in those who enjoy the beauty of life, but it will be different for those who think that life is narrow. You are one of the many people who pass through their pain against the real world, even I myself feel how a trick from various aspects of settlement.

But there is one thing that can beautify our world, he is the internet. I hope we all recognize that, even small children already know about the beauty of this network world. Games, news, gossip and relationships between families make you spend a lot of time with the network, imagine how you can forget every second left for useless life. Does not rule out the possibility that your world will be very wide with this tool.

Laptops, cellphones and the like are items that are very important for life today, because one part that you should not leave for the present time after the family is a network, yes how you will find every relationship and pass it warmly is through chatingan, even all the moves to get through all the challenges of life games will be found here.

But you realize that all of that has a very big effect on your healthy body, very true and I believe that. Because on the one hand, you will find how much abuse when we take the wrong tools. Violence, pornography, illness and so on, don’t even rule out the possibility that you will end up in jail or even you will end in death, yeah … this is a risk of life.Computer slaves and body health.

How you have to go  through this confidently, and of course you have to do a strategy that is so effective for the smooth running of your life, because a life that you think is normal is amazing when you manage to keep every game you play. The key word for success is when you are able to process every ordinary space to be more valuable to enjoy, not about how great, but about how influential that space is for the sake of your success.

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Greetings are peaceful for the internet world, but I forget that peace makes me have to ignore body health. This is really a very professional hoax.

I realize, that computers are work tools that are so effective at getting a lot of income, finding every idea, and gathering a lot of knowledge. But I really forgot that this tool killed my health slowly. Eye health is one of the most influential obstacles with this tool. The square light makes the eyelids unconscious about curfews, sometimes coercion always happens for hours of sleep, I call it corruption, yes the corruption of sleep hours is done openly.

This problem made my mind call for writing about the dangers of a curfew with the network world, because it is not just an eye, computer effects are also able to subdue your body’s activities to not move, and that makes our bodies not work burning calories, so slowly and not aware that we are also collecting fat and making obesity and even obesity.

Fatigue and also eye disorders, other than that due to too long sitting in front of the computer are dizziness, neck and waist pain, shoulder aches and many others. But if your daily activities are in front of a computer monitor you need to do some important things to maintain your body’s health, if not, then I think you have wasted all the expensive prices of your health.

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Maybe you need to pay attention to the brightness of the monitor screen, yes, in fact we often overlook this ordinary-looking problem. I think you need to adjust the position and brightness of the monitor screen according to the position that is most comfortable for you. Do not set the screen display to be too bright or too dark so you do not have trouble seeing the monitor. This is so very influential for your eye health.

Next is set the Eye Visibility, this is still related to the eye. Setting the distance between the eyes and the monitor is very influential, I do not know exactly the way that is perfect for maintaining eye health, but ideally the distance of the eye to a safe monitor is 50-100 cm. And one that makes eyes tired quickly is the distance the monitor is too close to the eye. And resting my eyes, I think it’s also a very important issue for all things, because normally humans will blink 18 times for one minute, but it will be different when you look at the monito screen. And because of this, I think you need to refresher your eyes at least once an hour for 10 minutes so you don’t face the computer screen.

Then switch views. When looking at the eye monitor you will only be focused on one object, the monitor. Try to shift your gaze for a moment from the monitor, look at the scenery around you, especially the green trees if you have one. This is done so that your eyes don’t get tired too quickly, and can also expel dizziness that rests on the head. And most important is the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A. Maybe this is a very good step and good for the health of your eyes, multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables so that you do not lack vitamin A so you do not have eye problems later.

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