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A little talk about water | Who always accompany you in the morning, afternoon and evening until the night before bed? boyfriend, yes you are too stupid with the fake life, tonight I declare that you are a person who is deceived with a woman’s body. What makes you so loved your girlfriend? Bodi, heart and face or to the shape of the wallet that may be slightly contained, but it all depends on the demand for your feelings, obviously no one can interfere with the choice of life seserang. What you want is your rights and what you have is not necessarily your legal property, lol.

But if you ask me who accompany me from morning till night, then I will answer the water. Yes that’s how loyal I look for water, even if without him this body becomes rough, hair of war as a stray bulek, dry body like cotton burned, maybe that’s the importance of water meaning for everyday life. Imagine what if you were without him, this is really a life that needs that softness.

The liquid thing that always accompanies you from birth is so fascinating for her life, look she is sought by everyone, and even the food may differ between you and others from different continents, but the drink remains one that is water.

How important is it to drink water for you ?, That is important, yes it is a short answer from me, If you do not believe that the benefits of drinking water is really real. You can sense if you are thirsty, you will not hold to do any activity. You want to get a drink as soon as possible, it is a testament to the benefits of drinking water for daily activities is needed.

Not only in terms of importance, water also has a form of space that always follows the container, the water is always there and is needed by everyone. Wherever he is, even everyone will look for him when he is gone. It can translate your life, that you should be able to live wherever it is and can be used in your environment, at least you do not become a bully in the circumstances around.

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Water as life physician, water is a solvent that transports toxic substances, metabolic waste, bacteria, and viruses in the body and then excreted through sweat and urine, it proves that water is a specialist without you knowing it. White water is better for consumption because it does not bind to other molecules such as glucose, nicotine, and others so that its antioxidant properties are higher. In addition, water is also believed to be able to ward off radiation.

Not only as drinks and health guards, water can also be a conductor of electricity and also as a generator of energy, the energy generated by water can be utilized to generate electricity. In line with the exposure to the nature of water, this philosophy teaches us that life must be able to guide, deliver, or at least make others who need it achieve what is desired according to our ability.

But water can also be a disease, you may wonder. What is the exact dose of water that humans can consume? Basically it can not be determined by a single number. Depending on the age and lifestyle of each. What we are talking about here is what is called water poisoning. Because consuming too much water causes Intoxication complete with its effect.

Intoxication is a water poisoning that makes the body lack blood sodium concentration. So that causes water to enter the cells and create a fairly harmful effect, especially on the brain.

So, one of the greatest influences in life is water, it is the greatest need to live your day, therefore it is fitting for you to take care of every running water in your shelter, does not mean you should not wear it, but if you are wrong one of man who is able to keep every need for the next life.

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