[SP43] – Missing the Jobs

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Many differences due to progress, little by little you already feel the increase of a toughness. Imagine how you now live with such a perfect communication tool for this time, even in a second you already know a great fire that happened on another continent. Let alone for such a catastrophic problem, a relationship about the feelings of others will never stay for the entertainment world.

Social media, until the style of old-fashioned dress also has returned with the development of the times. Current technological advancements have grown rapidly, slowly but surely technological advances have brought many changes for humans. The emergence of various products resulting from this emerging technology is felt to bring many benefits to the lives of many people, but not a few people also feel the negative impact of technological advances that exist today.

Changes for change occur as technology progresses from the world of education, the world of communication, the world of information, the world of medicine and much more. But do you realize that some work is also lost in time because of the development of the times, this proves that every growth also causes loss, calculated for one job can accommodate about 1000 employees, imagine if up to five jobs lost due to swallowing the time, this really makes lost a lot of jobs for some people.

You will find it very difficult to find a newspaper seller standing on the street or go sailing every morning at your home, so this problem is an obstacle for those who work as a newspaper seller, imagine if you used to find newspapers in front of your fence but now they have not working as busy as that anymore, then where are they now working, it’s a big question for us all, why ?, because it’s so hard to get a job for now.

If you used to find a newspaper seller along the red light tatapi now it is impossible for you to find it. This happens along with technological advances in various fields. One of the causes of their disappearance is the emergence of instagram, facebook, twitter and other media that can obscure news throughout the city’s population, where the print media has turned into online media.

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Newspaper that used to you can have by spending two thousand rupiah but now is gone, because now you can enjoy reading newspaper for free by phone or laptop during connection with internet network. And do not even close the possibility that you will get income while reading the news.

Furthermore, which has been destroyed is a pedicab driver, imagine how the advance pedicab in the old city of Jakarta, but this changed a hundred percent as the development of time, not even close the circumstances of many street motorcycle taxi drivers who will lose control of his work, this is an outer puncture normal for the poor.

Since the creation of this online motorcycle taxi ojek position of motorcycle taxi began to feel restless. Although currently there are still many motorcycle taxi drivers, but the current motorcycle taxi profession is said to be threatened.

If an online motorcycle taxi offers a cheap price and pickup is done in the customer’s location instead with a conventional motorcycle taxi driver who only hung in one place and wait for customers who come to use his services. The price offered by a conventional motorcycle taxi is also somewhat more expensive than an online motorcycle taxi. This could have a considerable impact on conventional motorcycle taxis, of course.

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