[SP01] – Good News From Steempress-io and my Introduction Here

introduction for steempress

How are you steemian friends, have a nice day. continue to dissect with several opportunities that are already available. This time I want to try to do a collaboration with Steempress. Yes, maybe you’ve heard it, what is steempress, what are the advantages and where someone will be able to find a comfortable point here ?. What if you directly visit the #steempress tag if you want to know more, or you should first know which account steempress. Yes, I think you should first know account @steempress-io, because here you will see how far the changes made by steempress. So also with me, of course I must know stempress first to be able to continue this relationship degan them, and I also have to introduce myself first here.


What is steempress? Okay, if you are a hobbyist writing from before steemit, of course wordpress is one of the tools to save all your mind idea so that can be shared to all readers who want to join. But this will be different for some people who already know steemit, they just move from ordinary blog and choose to develop the writing in steemit, yes it is very visible to some people. But not for now, the good news we get with the development between steemit and wordpress, you do not need to leave your wordpress in order to catch up on steemit, and vice versa you do not need to leave steemit to create content in wordpress. @steempress-io finds the best solution for the problem, now you can create the content on the wordpress website at once with your steemit account, And that is enough to download the steempress plugin on your wordpress web, please visit here.


image source from @steempress-io

This time I actually got a call from post @arie.steem a few hours ago, this is a great appeal to you great creator. He invited me to really try steempress. Yes, and I will test it here now. And if you are a great creator, here I will also call you to connect to steempress, let’s join and hope you are lucky. You should not ignore it, as they have just celebrated the receipt of the 1,000,000 SteemPower delegation.

You also need to listen to some important rules to get upvote, before you can read post @steempress-io for more news or please read here.


sevenfingers creator

Okay, I’ll introduce myself here now. Thanks to @steempress-io, @fredrikaa and @howo. My steemit account introduction is @pojan. maybe you already know me by reading this post, before I am not a writer who is so adept at steemit, but I will just “learn to write and give motivation to others”, and I think it has been proven with some posts that have been I share, this really changed my life. I’ve been an impromptu writer since 4 months ago and now it’s become a new hobby to keep developing, that’s the movement. And until finally I was chosen to be a creator conten on @sevenfingers project, it’s like a dream for me, but that’s the reality I got and now I’m really comfortable with the #sevenfingers tag. A project that helps content creators be good to be appreciated, thanks to the founders of sevenfingers @arie.steem. And this time I really want to try it in steempress, thanks to some people who have supported my step.


Steempress Discord : https://discord.gg/wh8MWfq 

Sevenfingers Discord : https://discord.gg/mMGM2k





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